After spending another holiday season in a home that doesn’t  quite work for your lifestyle anymore, you might be thinking about moving in 2015.

Add preparing your home for sale to your list of  “New Years Resolutions” — it’s something you will want to tackle sooner than later.

It might seem like a daunting task, and it’s hard to know where to start, but we can help!

We found some great tips on Houzz on making the most of your time and money when preparing your home for sale.

1. Make a list early on of all of the repairs your home needs, from the tiny (change a lightbulb) to the major (new roof) before deciding what to get done.

2. Remove clutter and organize what’s left.  Less “stuff” will make your space look larger, which is almost always a positive thing. Overstuffed closets and drawers signal to buyers that there is not enough storage space in the home, while neat and orderly closets help buyers envision living an organized life in your house.








3. Who to hire: The pros you’ll hire to help prep your home for sale will depend on how much work your home needs and on how much work you plan to do yourself. Consider these:
•    Real estate agent
•    Handyperson
•    Electrician
•    Cleaning service
•    Stager
•    Landscape designer or gardener











4. Best time to do this project: The home sale season really gets going in the spring, so it’s a good idea get started early so you can be ready to hit the market in advance of the boom. So start making your list now!

When you need a break from projects and list making…. enjoy browsing neighborhoods and homes and start making your “must have” list for a new home – start with location and then browse available home designs. Find your perfect home in a Charter neighborhoods across Central PA here  – Click to browse neighborhoods.

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