With all that shimmers and shines about the holiday season already– buying a home during the holidays might get overlooked.

Well, we’re here to remind you of FIVE big reasons why buying during the holiday season is one of the best times to buy during the year! So, put on your  boots, zip up your coats and get ready to start the year happier in a home you love.


1. Take advantage of current prices
Most likely with the start of the new year, prices will increase. Lock into the prices of the current year by writing your contract in December! You’ll be glad you did!

2. Secure better interest rates on mortgages
Interest rates tend to drop every December/January on a cyclical basis – meaning you’ll be able to add in some luxury finishes with you savings!

3. Possible tax deduction
Talk to a tax professional to see if you can deduct interest from this year’s taxable income!

4. Enjoy your summer
Relax in the shade of your new front porch rather than searching in the dog days of summer!

5. Faster mortgage approval
Less volume means faster approval and possible reduced processing fees!

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