Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas

September 10, 2013

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Fall Decorating Ideas –
Get Your Front Porch Ready for The Fall Season!

The official start of fall is nearly upon us! While some of us may be sad to see the summer end, there’s always a fun and stylish lining: it’s time to decorate your front porch or outdoor living space for the fall. We’ve collected the “best of the web” for you to enjoy as you contemplate bringing the outside of your home into the fall season!

Outdoor Fall Decorating Idea #1: Use a “fall-themed” wreath to decorate your front door.

An autumn-themed wreath can add a pop of color and bring a seasonal flair to your front porch. Here are a few standouts (just click the image to view more details about these fall wreaths!).

Plow and Hearth Fall Wreaths

Fall Outdoor Decor Ideas - Wreaths Fall Harvest Wreath

Red Maple Leaf Wreath

Harvest Gourd Wreath

Pottery Barn Fall Wreaths

Pottery Barn Mixed Leaf Wreath Mixed Leaf Wreath

Pottery Barn Harvest Fruits Wreath Harvest Fruits Wreath

Etsy Wreaths for Fall

Fall Wreath with Mini Pumpkins Fall Wreath with Mini Pumpkins by roseflower48

Sunflower Garden Door Wreath Sunflower Garden Door Wreath by AWorkofHeartSA

Fall Berry Harvest Wreath Fall Berry Harvest Wreath by forevermore1

Outdoor Fall Decorating Idea #2: Let Your Decor Reflect the Season!

Don’t be afraid to mix it up! Combine different textures and colors – or even play with a “classic” fall decor item to make it new. Check out the fun ideas below…

Crate & Barrel Fall Decor Ideas:

Large Vine Pumpkin Large Vine Pumpkin

Gold-Tipped Pinecone Gold-Tipped Pinecone

Meadowbrooke Gourds Fall Decor Ideas:

Fall Maple Leaf Silhouette Fall Maple Leaf Silhouette

Fall Luminarie Gourd - Honey Fall Luminarie Gourd – Honey

Outdoor Fall Decorating Idea #3: Change over your plants and planters to reflect the fall.

Even though fall is coming soon, there’s still plenty of time left to plant fall foliage. Hardy flowers in fall colors and autumn-hardy plants can help your outdoor space change with the seasons. Worried that your flowers will be short-lived due to the oncoming fall weather? Don’t be! Many garden centers offer annual flowers at a steep discount in August – making these bright, cheery plants a great investment!

Popular Fall Flowers and Fall Plants:

Heuchera photo courtesy of Howard Dickins. Heuchera

Mums by Gail S (Flickr) Mums

Euphorbia by whologwhy (Flickr) Euphorbia

Calibrachoa by Carl E. Lewis Calibrachoa

Flowering Kale by Briannaorg (Flickr) Flowering Kale

Marigolds by Br3nda (Flickr) Marigolds

Snapdragons by WordRidden (Flickr) Snapdragons

Coleus by erbephoto (Flickr) Coleus

Here are a few additional websites full of ideas:

Spruce Up Your Fall Planters

Fall Container Garden Ideas

Planting Fall Flowers for Autumn Colors

Do you have a great autumn-inspired decorating idea for your outdoor space? Let us know by leaving a comment, or share your photos on our Facebook page.

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