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March 22, 2011

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Old Meets New: The Birth of the Florin Hill Clock Tower

The skyline in Lancaster County‘s Mount Joy Borough gained a new element when Charter Homes built a clock tower building at its ‘just off Main Street’ neighborhood called Florin Hill. True to our design philosophy at Charter Homes, we didn’t just create a random neighborhood element – we inserted an “old meets new” element to integrate Florin Hill into the existing historic fabric of Mount Joy.

Before the clock tower was even a sketch on a piece of paper, the conversation in the Design Team centered on how to integrate a ‘new neighborhood’ on an old section of Main Street?  The location of Florin Hill made it the logical gate for the borough on the western side– so how could Florin Hill make this entrance fitting and visually attractive? In order for the clock tower to have a lasting effect in the borough, the team set their sights high: the tower would be the tallest building in the town.

Florin Hill Clock Tower View

Florin Hill Clock Tower street view - a striking addition to the neighborhood's design.

“Since Main Street is right there, I wanted a strong architectural statement, an iconic image suitable for a neighborhood that is very much part of Main Street… and we wanted the tower to be seen for miles, when approaching the borough from the east and the west,” said Doug Phillips, Director of Charter Design.

Florin Hill Clocktower - Charter Homes Neighborhood Design

Florin Hill Clock Tower up close - old meets new in the tallest building in Mount Joy.

Florin Hill‘s clock tower stands 68-feet tall, making it the tallest building in Mount Joy Borough. The clock is backlit and connects to business and apartment building space. Businesses will be located at the base of the building, and two apartments are be actually located inside the tower.

Phillips adds, “This is really an iconic architectural design for Mount Joy. It adds a certain level of sophistication and elegance. ”

Florin Hill Clock Tower at Night

Clock Tower at Night - a beautiful view for Florin Hill residents and neighbors.

Want to see the clock tower being raised? Check out this video:

More About Florin Hill

Charter Homes’s Florin Hill neighborhood is a unique and forward-thinking neighborhood. It is Mount Joy Borough’s first neighborhood to use mixed-use planning to encourage work, play and living all in one space. Florin Hill offers a variety of housing options including single family homes, townhomes and apartments. It also has a neighborhood pool, a fitness center opening soon and 75,000 square feet of retail & commercial space.

Florin Hill: Best Neighborhood in Pennsylvania

In 2009, the Florin Hill neighborhood won special recognition from 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania. The group awarded Florin Hill its Commonwealth Gold Award for Best Neighborhood in Pennsylvania. They said: ‘Florin Hill stood out among all of this year’s entries as a bold and ambitious smart growth project. Suburban communities across Pennsylvania should look to Florin Hill as a new model for development.’

Commonwealth Gold Award - Charter Homes at Florin Hill

We couldn't agree more.

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