KitchenWho knew insurance premium news could be so exciting!  In case you haven’t heard, the FHA (code: Federal Housing Administration) just announced they are lowering their annual insurance premiums which are required when you purchase your home under their financing program.

Even though the premium isn’t going away (boo), this is FANTASTIC news! It means you can now get more house for your money than you could have before.  Say you were to buy a home in Charter’s Highlands neighborhood or the Wyatt floorplan in Charter’s newest neighborhood, Highpoint Arcona.  You would save over $1,000 a year!  Nothing to sneeze at!

Okay, enough about the numbers – let’s talk about the fun stuff. With this new savings you can not only get into the home and neighborhood you want, but now you can get some cool extras.  Let’s add the personal touches you want in your dream kitchen (how about that granite you’ve been longing for).  Or maybe you’ll choose a wide-plank hardwood floor for that custom look rather than ho-hum carpeting.  It’s time you make that move to Live Some Place Special® but the real value to you is that you’ll finally be in a home that is made just for you.

So let’s get started!  It’s the perfect time to see how far your buck will stretch in The Great American Neighborhood™. Give Katheryn a call today at 800.325.3030 to schedule your appointment.

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