Let the Sun Shine In: 5 Tips for Clean Windows

April 6, 2015

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CH_WA_120809_0392_MIt’s that time of year when the sponges, cleaners and buckets come out of their hibernation so we can clean up what the long winter has left behind.  Super clean windows not only look good but they also let in more light. Natural light is so important to Charter that it’s one of our LivingDesign™ principles when building all of our homes. Your windows not only provide great views, but more importantly, they give you light and the warmth of the sun which makes you feel happier.

So if your windows are looking less than crystal clear and need some TLC, here are a few tips from tidymom.net:

photo 11. Clean On a Cloudy Day – Sun shining directly on the windows can cause the cleaner to dry and result in streaking or spotting.

2. Scrub in an S Pattern – Scrub the glass and try and get into all of the corners and cover every square inch of the glass.

3. Squeegee is Key – Always use a clean and sharp rubber blade tool. Starting at the top, pull it from one side to the other steadily across the window. Use a microfiber cloth to to wipe the frame and corners clean. Wipe off any streaks using a clean area of the microfiber cloth. Change cloths as needed.


4. Change Direction – Wipe the inside panes in a side-to-side direction and the outside in an up-and-down direction. If you do this, you can step back and easily see which side the streak is on.

5. Be Creative with Hard to Reach Spots – Use a Swiffer- type floor tool. Fill a spray bottle with a solution of 1 part white vinegar and 1 part hot water. Place a few paper towels or microfiber cloth on the tool, spray with vinegar solution and the use the tool to reach outside and clean the upper half of the outside of your windows! It wont look as streak free and clean as the other method, but it’s much better than a dirty window.

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