CH_MS_060212_060_SWith all of this cold, snowy weather this February (we’ve been above average only two days!) and weekends trapped inside, we’ve all been cooped up just long enough to start really noticing what we don’t like about our homes.

Do your walls feel like they are coming in on you?  You aren’t alone as space becomes much smaller when you are stuck indoors for a really long period of CH_HS_140228_0059_M2time.  If you were living in a Charter home you would notice many of its LivingDesign™ features. Ceilings that soar (at least nine feet tall) and great open spaces make it easy to see into the other rooms giving you a home that’s less confining, making you feel the most comfortable and at ease.

IMG_6739And the natural light, lots of it (okay maybe not as much in February) with more windows that are bigger than you’ll find in most new homes, providing you a lot of light even on those not-so- sunny days.  And more light is great for your mood making you happier during the depths of winter.

So as you are stuck inside staring at the walls, grab a hot cup of coffee and a warm blanket and check out some of our great options at

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