Sure, when you drive through The Great American Neighborhood® across Central PA, you can see you’re in a place created like no other. But what is it that creates that indescribable “wow” feeling?

There are four of our favorite design principles (this won’t turn into a lecture, we promise…) in every home in The Great American Neighborhood®. It’s called Living Design. But what does it mean? What do they do? And why should you want them all in your new home?

Let us show you, (and let the pictures do most of the talking!)

1. Natural Light






Brighten your room, and your mood. We use windows 20% larger than average to create spaces full of life. Say goodbye to dark corners and dim spaces!

2. Great Spaces






From meal prep to homework to movie watching -we craft spaces for the way you live together! No more wasted rooms you never use–each space has a purpose!

3. Sight Lines






You’ll have easy access room to room, creating a more connected home. Plus, the view of all the spaces in your home coming together is just…pretty!

4. Timelessness






You’ll love your home as much in year 10 as you did on day 1–who doesn’t want a love like that?

Want to see Living Design in action? Visit any of The Great American Neighborhoods® located throughout Central PA. Call 800.325.3030 to schedule your tour, or live chat at

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