One of the hardest working surfaces in your home is your kitchen counter top.

The type of counter top can shape the design and feel of a kitchen by the material and color you choose. There are many options for counter tops to help you achieve your vision for your kitchen–that hold up to years of daily use!

Here are some of the most common choices for your counter top and kitchen islands:

1. Granite : Combination of beauty and durability in a wide range of colors that adds elegance to any kitchen, one of the most popular kitchen counter top trends and desired material.

2. Quartz: Extremely durable, can hold up to scratches better than any other material, comes in a wide range of stunning patterns and colors from the quality of the natural stone.

3. Corian: Seamless and stain resistant material that can have major scratches sanded out. Comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

4. Laminate: Easy to clean smooth surface that offers design flexibility with numerous patterns and colors to choose from. Cost effective solution to achieving the look you desire.

We asked our CharterColors designer (our exclusive design studio homeowners choose the finishes that fit them best), what trends they’re seeing in counter top choice.

“Homeowners in Central PA are choosing Granite as their #1 pick. It far exceeds other counter top selections. The newest trend is a Brazilian Black Leather Granite – which has a unique matte finish. About 40% of our home buyers who choose granite, are selecting this option.”

Check out this stunning combination of durability and beauty of Brazilian Black Leather Granite as used in our Walden (Mechanicsburg, PA) and Veranda (Lancaster, PA) model homes:



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