So you are getting ready to purchase your next home:  Congratulations!

Being a savvy homeowner, you’ve learned a lot over the years and this time around you’ve decided on a home that’s smaller in size.  Although you know that’s what you need, it’s been a tough decision.  We’ve been taught to want more and to want “big,” right?

CH_HS_071002_0014_S_wetIf you are a glass-half-full kind of person, “rightsizing” rather than “downsizing” can have a positive affect on your life.  Think about the amazing benefits of living in a home where you aren’t overwhelmed by space and upkeep. What could you do with your time?  If you live in the right neighborhood, making new friends and life experiences will win over having a lot of stuff.  Quality trumps quantity.

The freedom of living a maintenance-free life can be liberating.  Remember when you were on your own for the very first time?  You weren’t tied down with the responsibility of a large home or  weekly lawn work. You were out having fun and were more carefree.  Wouldn’t it be great to feel that way again?

And you can’t forget that financially it may be an overall stress reliever.  A smaller home may allow you to save money on your monthly mortgage payment for peace of mind.  Or maybe you decide to invest your savings into the upgrades that you’ve always wanted to make your home truly your own.

Charter Homes & Neighborhoods invites you to think about your next life.  Is your glass half empty or half full? If it’s the latter, we have a number of great neighborhoods that will meet your needs.  From single family homes and town homes, to first floor and 55+ maintenance free living, there’s a neighborhood made just for you. For more information visit to Live Some Place Special® and finally be home.


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