The start of the new year is a time to start out with a blank slate. A time to make improvements and changes in our lives to make our future days better for ourselves and those around us.

Thinking of making the move from your current home? Considering a used home? You may want to think again, and think new.

According to, the financial and emotional benefits of purchasing a new home far outweigh those of purchasing a used home:

1. Home designs made for your modern lifestyle
The way we live and function in our homes has changed. Open floorplans, large kitchen islands, and flexible spaces in a home won’t be easy to find in used homes. Choose a floorplan that fits your own lifestyle in a new home –don’t settle for one made for someone else.

2. Energy efficiency
New homes save on average, 3,449 KWH/year. To put that into perspective, that’s enough power to:
– Power your TV for 11 years
-Power your washer for 4 years
– Power your coffee maker for 32 years
Or, you can take the total amount of money you saved and afford a full day at an amusement park with your family!

3. Higher ceilings and larger windows
Used homes  feature lower ceilings and small windows, making your living space feel smaller, more enclosed, and dark. Homes built by Charter Homes & Neighborhoods feature standard 9ft ceiling heights, creating open, bright and spacious rooms filled with natural light.


4. 2x’s more bathroom space, and 3x’s more closet space
Bathrooms in homes past have limited counter space and storage. We include spacious counters, and ample storage options, including linen closets and generously sized walk-ins! No more fighting over closet and counter space in new homes!


5. Repair cost savings
in 2013, homeowners of used homes spend over $1,600,000,000 more on home repairs and maintenance than owners of new homes.

6. Freedom
When you buy a new home you are free to move in and start living the life you want. Unfortunately for used home buyers, the initial excitement of the purchase is quickly replaced with stress about repairs and constant maintenance.

So, start fresh this year, in a new home. Built just for you in a place like no other. Explore our Great American Neighborhoods® across Central PA, and find the location and home design that fits you best.


Or call 800.325.3030 to schedule an appointment to start your new year, new home journey!

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