After a second winter of unforgiving cold weather and three Sundays in a row of annoying snow to shovel and ice to pick, it’s days (….and weeks…months) like these that you’ll appreciate living a low maintenance lifestyle.

CH_MS_060212_065_SThink of the money you’ll save in salt, shovels and snow blowers and those savings aren’t reserved for bad weather scenarios.  No more rakes, leaf blowers, wheelbarrows and other yard “stuff” holding your precious garage space hostage, which is meant to hold your cars, right?

And then there’s the time you are spending in frigid temperatures in the morning shoveling before work.  Or worse, the weekends, when you’d rather be enjoying the great outdoors rather than mowing it.flh cookout

The benefit is a lifestyle that’s free from endless upkeep, but what really matters is that you’ll be able to spend more time doing the things you want to do like hanging with your friends or gathering with your neighbors.

If you’re ready to live where you can end the chores in your outdoors, take your pick. Charter has several solutions in low maintenance living in Lancaster (Millcreek, Heritage-Strasburg or Veranda); York (Chanticleer) and the Harrisburg area (Deer Run Commons, The Towns at Meridian, Sinclair Park).  Stop working and start living by visiting one of these Great American Neighborhoods today!


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