CH_WA_120809_0256_MRemember the Goldilocks and the Three Bears nursery rhyme?  After the porridge incident she sits in different chairs until she finds one that is just right?  Did you ever wonder what made it “just right?” Whatever it was, that must have been some chair to make her feel comfortable and at ease being surrounded by bears!

That story came to mind when reading the ongoing debate about whether people want homes that are smaller or larger:

mudroom viewSo this is where (we think) the story isn’t really focusing on the problem.  It’s not all about big or small but whether the space in your home has been thoughtfully designed to be “just right.” You could have a large home but if it’s not smartly designed and carefully planned, how beneficial is it?  Size is relevant as you could have a 1200 square foot home that functions better than one that is 2500 square feet.

When looking for a home wouldn’t it be great to haveLivingDesign one that grows and changes with you?  Charter thinks space is so important that it’s one of our four core LivingDesign™ principles in every home. The advantage to you is a home that’s designed for the way you live but the real value is that you’ll feel happier and live easier in your home.

So as you are pondering your next home venture, square footage – forget about it! – and think about what kind of space would fit your needs. Come see the LivingDesign™ principles for yourself when you visit a Charter home or neighborhood.




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